MRCGP - RCA Intensive Course for IMGs

Sunday, 13 December 2020 @ 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM UK Time

Virtual RCA Online Course

Young doctor

LIVE Stream online course: A unique and comprehensive RCA preparation course only for IMGs, delivered by IMG GP trainers and medical educators, working in NHS and currently involved and MRCGP training through the North West deanery


We shall cover cases from all mandatory areas

We shall discuss cases from the following


09:30Registration and introductions
10:00Quick overview of RCA, tips for IMGs and case selection guidance
10:30Interactive cases 1 – 4 (Face to face)
12:00 – 13:30Cases 5-7, Interactive Telephone consultations
13:30Lunch break
14:10Cases 8-11 with feedback
16:30Cases 12 & 13 with feedback
17:30IMGs relevant guidance and Q&A

Limited places only - register now


Dr Ahmad is an IMG himself and involved in GP training through North West Deanery for 12 years. He specialises GPST for IMGs and helped several overseas doctors
Dr Zubair Ahmad
Dr Zubair Ahmad
GP trainer, appraiser, partner, medical educator
Dr Khan is an IMG and he’s been involved in Gp training through ABMA.
Dr Farrukh Khan
Dr Farrukh Khan
GP Manchester
Need more details, pls reach out to us at info@abmacademy.com
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