PLAB 2 Course in Manchester/Online


An intensive 12 day PLAB Part 2 Online Course.

Including 2 mocks (12 stations each)

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Upcoming PLAB 2 Batches

Batch Epsilon: 10th January- 21st January, Manchester
Batch Zeta: 29th January- 9th February, Manchester
Batch Eta: 19th Feb 2020 to 1st March 2020
Batch Theta: 14th March 2020 to 25th March 2020
Batch Iota: 2nd April 2020 to 13th April 2020
Batch Kappa: 25th April 2020 to 6th May 2020 (Online)
Batch Lambda: 14th May 2020 to 25th May 2020 (Online)
Batch Mu: 4th June 2020 to 15th June 2020
Batch Nu: 26th June 2020 to 7th July 2020
Batch Xi: 16th July 2020 to 27th July 2020
Batch Omicron: 7th August 2020 to 17th August 2020
Batch Pi: 27th August 2020 to 7th September 2020
Batch Rho: 17th September 2020 to 28th September 2020
Batch Sigma: 8th October 2020 to 19th October 2020

Dubai, UAE : 20th January to 29th January 2020

Course Highlights

  • Course covers all aspects of PLAB 2 as per GMC
  • Focus on communication and interpersonal skills
  • Up to date UK guidelines and protocols
  • Includes 2 Mocks with individual feedback
  • Comprehensive Study Materials/Notes
  • Equipped with all modern facilities
  • Mannequin and other practical teaching
  • Brand new spacious premises
  • Own accommodation near the course venue
  • Dedicated WhatsApp group for discussion

Anniversary Offer : Available for Delta & Epsilon Course only (Promo applied until 21st December)

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