NHS Induction Course

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NHS Induction Course

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This course is awarded for 2 CPD Credits.



Please join us on this highly informative and interactive NHS Induction course. This is a unique course especially designed to give you an in-depth insight of NHS so that you can start your NHS career smoothly and not make any mistake while understanding the system.

Course Highlights

  • Introduction of NHS: History, NHS services – Primary/secondary/tertiary, NHS catchment area, Statistics for doctors and nurses, NHS IMG statistics, NHS Values
  • Introduction to GMC: Overview, Brief history, IMG qualification pathways
  • A Typical day of junior doctor in NHS – A&E duties, Ward duties, On-call duties, handover, common procedures, communication with team, how to seek help, assessments.
  • Training progression – Training and Non training post
  • Training post assessments: WPBA, teaching, QIP, Audits, MSF, PSQ, CSR, ESR, Exams, courses, e-portfolio, log books
  • Non Training post assessments – Trust e-portfolio
  • GP training
  • Dos and Don’t


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