MRCGP(Intl) AKT & Written Preparatory Course

£300.00 £250.00

MRCGP(Intl) AKT & Written Preparatory Course

18 January 2020, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai


Pay in AED

MRCGP International Exam Preparatory Course

Day 2: Written Paper & MCQ Preparation: Topics to be covered

Full Day Intensive course will cover all the below aspects of the Course:

MCQ/AKT Module

AKT Mock Test
Examination Technique, High yield topics
Informatics, administration & practice management
Clinical Updates & guidelines Condensed & Simplified
Research, Epidemiology and Statistics made easy
Critical Appraisal/Audit/Governance/Quality Care

Written Module

Approaching, Structure & Grid for Written Exam
Challenges and dilemmas in practice
Consultation-based problem-solving
Consultation and communication skills
Evidence-based practice
Critical appraisal
Challenges and dilemmas in practice
Values, sensitivity and empathy
Responsibilities to colleagues, other health professionals, and society
Individual Feedback Discussion
Trainer’s Tips to Pass


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