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Plab Part 1 Preparatory Course

PLAB Part I Preparatory Course is “First of its kind” and guarantees a success for aspiring doctors wishing to take PLAB test.

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3 Months Intensive PLAB Part I Training + Online MCQs Access
Batch starts on First Week of April 2018
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This is a golden opportunity, not to be missed. The time is perfect as plenty of opportunities are unravelling due to current doctor’s recruitment crisis in the UK.

[su_note note_color=”#0072bc” text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”5″]ABMA PLAB Course – Unique features:

  • Eight Weeks Online PLAB Part I Training/Weekly Two Classes/Total 16 Sessions
  • Live Online Training with UK Tutors
  • Live Discussion, Assessment & Feedback
  • Option to join missed out classes in the next batch
  • Access to Thousands Of Online Questions & Answers Portal- New Format (Sba)
  • Online Video Lectures For Plab Part 1
  • Examiners Tips
  • 4 Mock Tests Included
  • Plab Part 1 Notes & Materials
  • Plab Part 2 Preparation Coaching In UK
  • Guidance and support regarding NHS jobs and Clinical attachments


Then look no further and enroll to our PLAB Part 1 Course – A complete package from Plab Part 1 to Placement after clearing Plab Part 2.

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PLAB Part I Online Preparatory Course
Total : 3 Months (2 Classes/Week)

Course Fee : £300

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Topics to be Covered for PLAB Part I Online Training

  • A&E Medicine
  • Haematology
  • Cardiovascular System
  • Dermatology
  • ENT & Ophthalmology
  • O&G and Reproductive System
  • Gastro-intestinal System
  • Metabolic Disorders
  • CNS
  • Muskulo-skeletal System
  • Mental Health
  • Renal Medicine and Urology
  • Chest medicine
  • Paediatrics
  • Geriatrics
  • Basic General Surgery

PLAB Part 1 Online Course Tutors

  • Dr Zubair Ahmad
    GP Trainer North West deanery of England

    Clinical Supervisor Foundation year programme UK
    Founder Director – ABMA
  • Dr Prasun Datta
    PLAB Examiner – General Medical Council

    Clinical Supervisor Foundation year programme UK
  • Dr Ashok Kapoor
    Consultant Cardiologist – Getwell Medical Centre Dubai
    CEO – ABMA
  • Dr Hasan Jameel
    GP – Oldham CCG

    Clinical Supervisor – Medical Students, Manchester Medical School, Manchester UK
  • Dr Sarita
    Specialist Obstetrics & Gynaecologist

    Dr Mohammed Wasim
    GPST3 – North West deanery of England
  • Dr Manish Asrani
    GP – Oldham CCG

    Clinical Supervisor Foundation year programme UK
  • Dr Hina Siddiqi
    GP – Trafford CCG, Manchester UK

    Ex Clinical Supervisor – Foundation programme UK

Class Schedule for PLAB Part I Online Training

Class 1 Respiratory Class 9 Pscychiatry Additional Classes
Class 2 Cardiovascular Class 10 Pharmacology ECG Overview
Class 3 Endocrinology Class 11 OBGYN Metabolic Medicine
Class 4 Gastroentrology Class 12 Musculoskeletal Contraception
Class 5 Renal or Urology Class 13 Nephrology Women’s Health
Class 6 Dermatology Class 14 Pscychiatry Oncology
Class 7 Infectious Diseases Class 15 Reproductive System One to One Feedback Session
Class 8 Paediatrics Class 16 Neurology 5 Mock Test

* Above schedule for only illustration purpose.

8 Weeks Online PLAB Part 1 Training + FREE MCQs Access


PLAB is an interesting journey, which all International Medical Graduates (IMG) who have qualified outside the European Union will have to undertake before they can start working in the UK National Health Service (NHS).

ABMA endeavours to make your journey as pleasurable as possible. We have a clear understanding of the challenges faced by IMGs before they start working in the UK. In addition to preparing you for the entire journey, our faculty will always remain available to offer you real time advice if you should face any kind of hurdle.

Why candidates take the PLAB Test?

  • All doctors must be registered and licensed with the GMC if they want to work as doctors in the UK. How doctors are registered and licensed depends, generally, on their nationality and where they qualified. Doctors who graduate outside the UK and the EEA are known as international medical graduates.


  • Most do this by achieving the GMC’s required scores in the academic version of the IELTS. These are at least 7.0 in each domain (reading, writing, speaking and listening) with an overall score of at least 7.5

What does the PLAB test do?

  • The PLAB test is designed to test the ability of international medical graduates to practice medicine at the level expected at the end of F1 training.
  • This is when graduates of UK medical schools are granted full registration.
  • In other words, the GMC expects PLAB candidates to show that they have the same level of theoretical medical knowledge and practical clinical skills at the same stage of training as UK medical graduates.

The Test’s Format

PLAB is divided into two parts. However, even before you appear for PLAB1 you have to prove your proficiency in English by clearing IELTS with the requisite grades.

  • Part I – is a written test of knowledge applied to the care and treatment of patients.
  • Part II – is an assessment of clinical and communication skills.

Let us discuss PLAB Part I first.

You may already know that in this part you will be tested only on your knowledge base and the examination comprises 200 single best answers (SBA).Plab Part 1

  • Our PLAB Part 1 course will be delivered over a two months period.
  • Virtual Class Room Session. Each session we shall discuss various educational resources.
  • As soon as you register with us, you will be given an access to logon to our Online MCQs Portal, which will be an integral part of your PLAB1 preparation.  It will give you access to a database of around two thousand questions and answers along with detailed explanations.
  • We are also going to give you access to high quality video tutorials which are delivered by doctors who are practising in the UK.
  • Four Mocks Test Included
  • PLAB Part 1 book will also be given within the subscription fee (Adding Soon…)
  • Moreover, you will have access to MOCK tests, which you should practise rigorously in the last few weeks before your actually appear for your PLAB 1 test.
  • We shall create folders for individual candidates to monitor their progress
  • Click here to read more about PLAB Part I Advice

What the PLAB Part 1 exam covers?

  • The exam tests your ability to apply knowledge to the care of patients rather than how well you can remember and recite facts. Questions relate to current best practice in the UK (and equipment routinely available in UK hospitals).
  • The exam covers the common, important or acute conditions (common in emergency departments) seen by trainees entering the second year of the Foundation Programme (F2), and the management of long term conditions seen in primary care.

PLAB Part 1 Syllabus

  • The subject matter of the PLAB Part 1 exam is defined in terms of skills and content.
  • Questions begin with a title that specifies both the skill and the content they are testing.


The exam tests four groups of skills in approximately equal proportions:

  • Diagnosis
  • Investigations
  • Management
  • The context of clinical practice

Why choose MCQ bank to help you in your PLAB: Part 1 exam preparation?

  • We have one of the largest online bank of PLAB: Part 1 MCQs. We currently have over 1800 high quality SBA MCQs (no EMQs like some other sites!), all with excellent feedback to help you learn as much relevant information in as short as time as possible.
  • Our MCQs are written by practising doctors in the UK and are pitched at just the right standard for the PLAB: Part 1 exam. We have also included many questions sent in by last years candidates.
  • We are committed to offering you the best possible value for money.

The PLAB Part I Changes(See The PLAB test is changing)

  • From Sept 2016, PLAB part 1 include questions related to professionalism and ethics – therefore as part of your PLAB subscription you will find access to our MS SJTquestions at no extra charge which has similar content to the professionalism and ethics questions (but slightly different style). How do I Prepare for PLAB Part 1?

LIVE 2 Days intense course in Dubai & India

There will be opportunities to meet the tutors in a LIVE workshop in India & Dubai. They will be answering your questions and preparing for both PLAB1 and what lies beyond. If you avail this opportunity, you we would encouraged you to attend our face to face two days intense course (Dates to be announced in early 2016). We shall prepare you finally for part1 exam with real exam tips & circuits and will take this opportunity to discuss the range of services ABMA will provide to make the transition from India to the UK as seamless as possible.

PLAB Part II Preparation

  • After get through PLAB 1, you will be entering the next phase of the journey, which will be slightly more uphill.
  • To make things as smooth as possible we shall be arranging a workshop in India/UAE/Pakistan/Malaysia which you will be encouraged to attend along with your parents or guardian.
  • We shall take this opportunity to discuss the range of services ABMA will provide to make the transition from India to the UK as seamless as possible.
  • How do I prepare for PLAB Part 2?
  • We shall give you the choice between FULL and PARTIAL sponsorships.

A brief overview of the sponsorship programmes is given below:


  • 3 week UK based course
  • Course handbook full of tips and practical advice with details about the OSCE stations.
  • Video tutorials
  • Face to face tutorials (Faculty includes both UK & IMG doctors)
  • Facilitating role playing in small teams
  • 6 mock OSCE examinations (all actors shall have local accents to give you a real life feel)
  • Plenty of practice on models and mannequins
  • Ask us for more details.



  • Pick up from Manchester Airport
  • Accommodation
  • £100 cash back paid in hand on arrival which should alleviate the trouble of arranging for foreign exchange
  • Calling card/ SIM card on arrival to make international phone calls
  • Arrangement of a visit to Manchester city centre (GMC examination centre)
  • Safe deposit boxes for an additional fee of £5 per week
  • Ask us for more details.

Candidates who are unsuccessful at the first attempt shall be given two more opportunities without any additional course fee provided they continue to live in our approved accommodation.

Finally, let us have a look how we can help after you have passed the PLAB

  • Once you are ready, we can help you to secure a Clinical Attachment post in one of the local NHS trusts like Pennine Acute Hospitals, Tameside General Hospital, and East Lancashire Hospitals.
  • We shall also offer you advice and help in producing an impressive CV so that you have an edge over others when trying to secure your first job.
  • You will be given the option of continuing to stay in our accommodation, for additional rental, till you can make your own arrangements.

Feel Free to ask Question or email to info@abmacademy.com

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