ABMA is proud to announce its very first PACES course and workshop in Dubai in partnership with Getwell Medical Centre. The course is well established in the UK as Blackpool PACES course with high pass rates.

This two day intensive course is carefully designed to help candidates to nail this challenging exam in first attempt.

  • We will teach you the unique and highly effective approach to pass the exam
  • We will EMPOWER you with the tools and confidence YOU need to excel in ALL stations of MRCP PACES
  • We will equip you with the technique to negotiate ANY exam situation you could possibly encounter


  • Teaching faculty direct from the UK
  • Small group of 4-6 candidates
  • Consultant led and delivered
  • Examination for ALL stations with individual , constructive and structured feedback
  • Opportunity for every candidate to practice full clinical exam and same time allocated for all 5 stations
  • Strong emphasis on station 5 and “Talking Stations”
  • FREE PACES workshop on Day 1

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This Workshop will provide an opportunity to watch a re-enactment of the exam with surrogate patients, examiners, and prospective PACES candidates. Stations will be followed by feedback to candidates, which will be of benefit to themselves and the audience; and discussion.


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