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After huge success of recent MRCOG Part 2 courses in 2016 and 2015 in Dubai ABMA in partnership with Getwell Medical Centre Dubai is proud to announce it’s very popular MRCOG PART 2 written exam preparatory course in Dubai once again. ABMA has a proven track record of delivering highly successful MRCOG courses in the past few years. Come join us to help you prepare and pass the MRCOG Part 2 in an engaging and open learning environment.

An exam-oriented course

  • We cover the entire syllabus
  • Comprehensive coverage of EMQs (Extended Matching Questions)
  • Extensive exam-based SBAs & EMQs, covering topics from recent and past exams
  • Question predictions, techniques, and model answers
    Techniques for intensive revising as well as effective mark-scoring in SBAs and EMQs
  • We supply comprehensive delegate notes
  • Interactive tuition with individual feedback
  • We provide essential exam tips and recent and relevant updates
  • Since the new format there are not much preparatory materials/books available in the market. Hence our course is unique as tutors have worked incredibly hard to prepare the course syllabus to maximise your success.

What is unique about this course

The faculty who have experience delivering MRCOG Courses in UK and beyond, is purely UK based. The tutors have attended some of the most popular UK MRCOG Part 2 written and picked the best aspects from each to deliver this course. The format is especially designed for International doctors and covers everything you need with the new format of MRCOG Part 2 written exam. We will cover all the new formats and core modules of the MRCOG Part 2 written. A comprehensive course booklet will be provided with post course on-going support until you take your exam. The course also promises your gateway to UK working opportunities once you have gained the MRCOG qualification successfully.

Format of the exam

  • The exam changed radically in March 2015.
  • In essence, there are Single Best Answers (SBAs) and Extended Matching Questions (EMQs) but no essays and no MCQs.
  • There are two written papers, each getting half of the marks and lasting 3 hours.
  • Each has 50 SBAs and 50 EMQs.
  • The EMQs get more marks than the SBAs: 60% and 40% respectively.


SBAs are typically given as single standalone questions: you read the question, pick the ‘single best answer’ and then move on to the next question which will probably be a new question on a different topic.

EMQs, in contrast, tend to be given in sets of three. They have a lead in which is relevant for all three questions. The same is true for the options, which do not change. Whilst more work is required when starting a new set of EMQs once you have invested time in looking at the options this will help with the next couple of questions.

SBAs are easier than EMQs. Whilst they are not as simple as the old style ‘multiple choice questions’ you will tend to know the answer or not.

Incorrect answers are not penalized.

Course Strengths

  • Small teaching faculty with an active interest in medical education
  • Constantly updated teaching material
  • Non confrontational teaching style
  • Use of repetition of difficult concepts to aid learning
  • Clear, well designed visual teaching aids

Join us for an interactive, engaging and condensed preparatory course to help you pass the MRCOG Part 2 written exam. This course will be the two days of lectures, group work and practice questions used to help candidates pass the Part 2. You will also receive a full course booklet, practice paper sets and post course online video lectures.

The exam has undergone significant change in question format recently and your course tutors have an in depth knowledge of these changes and will help signpost you to study techniques, resources and specific areas to help you focus your learning.  Additionally tutors will be able to provide you with the latest style of questions found in the exam that are not widely available yet in published preparatory material.

We promise you’ll be a better prepared for the exam after attending our course. Please hurry as seats are limited. We look forward to seeing you at our course.

Course Faculty

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