Professional Summary:

  • Over 15 years of experience in practicing physiotherapy and rehabilitation around the Middle East with a special interest in Spinal Rehabilitation
  • Since 2008, Mr. Buhari has an unusual distinction as a certified electro physiologist and has assisted several spinal surgeries using intra operative EMG monitoring, a rare skill set for physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists operating in the UAE
  • His journey has passed through many varied fields of education from manual therapy, orthopedics, occupational health, sports injuries and clinical psychology – and remains an enduring pursuit to this day. The passion to understand human function remains his primary guiding force to this day.
  • Buhari’s main qualities are patience and understanding of patients’ needs.

Professional Experience:

  • Jan 2014 : Began work as In charge of Physiotherapy – Spine Unit at Healthpoint Hospital (Wooridul Spine Centre), Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Dec 2010: Began work as Head of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at Wooridul Spine Centre in Dubai
  • June 2008: Began work as Head of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at Dubai Bone and Joint Centre
  • Jan 2013: Began work as Head of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at Belhoul Specialty Hospital in Dubai
  • Jan 2004 : Began work as Regional Trainer for Middle East at DBC International (while working at Belhoul Speciality Hospital)
  • Sep 2000 : Began work as Sports Physiotherapist and Fitness Consultant

Awards, Memberships and Publications:

  • Currently the Head of the Scientific Committee of the Emirates Physiotherapy Society, part of the Emirates Medical Association since April 2013.
  • Member of the Scientific Committee – Physio Dubai Conference – 2012
  • Member of the Organizing Committee – 8th Interdisciplinary World Congress for Low Back and Pelvic Pain – 2013, Dubai, UAE
  • Member of the Scientific Committee, Middle East Orthopedic Conference 2015, Arab Health, Dubai, UAE
  • Member of the Organizing Committee, Abu Dhabi Neuro Rehabilitation Conference, 2015, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Has given many talks nationally and internationally on topics such as pre and post-operative rehabilitation; radial shock wave therapy for shoulder injuries; sports-specific rehabilitation for rugby and soccer players; rehabilitation techniques for total knee replacement (TKR) and total hip replacement (THR); and the use of electrophysiology in the treatment of scoliosis and degenerative disc diseases

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