Diagnostic Hysteroscopy — Indications

Arlington British Medical Academy has world class faculty , who will be consducting the Hysteroscopy course. The OBGYN doctors can very well do these procedures as an office hysteroscopy. The primary purpose of office hysteroscopy is to evaluate patients with abnormal uterine bleeding resistant to medical management or to perform a panoramic visualization of the uterine cavity. In addition, filling defects identified by ultrasound or hysterosalpingography can be confirmed or mapped by hysteroscopic visualization.

Both pre- and postmenopausal patients are easily evaluated. A two-year review of my practice showed that 85% of all diagnostic hysteroscopies were accomplished in the office. The majority of the other 15% required concomitant laparoscopy, which was performed in a surgical setting. Only a few patients could not be done in the office, because they were too difficult to examine or were postmenopausal with a stenotic vagina.

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