Basic and Advanced ECG Course
Friday March.
Grand Excelisior Hotel, Dubai


Course Details

Time Topics Tutor
0900 – 0910 hrs Welcome Dr. Zubair Ahmed
0910 – 0915 hrs Introduction to Speakers Mr. Sunder
0915 – 1015 hrs Basic Physiology of ECG –
the Myocardial Cellular level electrical activity – Resting Membranes potential.

Action potential and ECG.

Dr. Ashok Kapoor,

Specialist Cardiologist,

CEO – Getwell Medical Center

1015 – 1115 hrs The ECG machine and 12 leads ECG. Holter ECG and Stress ECG. His Bundle ECG  -do-
1115 – 1130 hrs Coffee Break
1130 – 1230 hrs Normal ECG –Waves, Heart rate, timings , Voltage Cardiac Axis and ECG recordings. -do-
1230 – 1330 hrs Prayer and Lunch Break
1330 – 1430 hrs Cardiac Arrhythmias.-Types of Arrhythmias . various ECG syndromes like WPW , Brugada Syndrome ,Prologed QT etc. -do-
1430 – 1530 hrs Tachyarrythmias -do-
1530 – 1800 hrs Workshop on ECG

For Further Details please contact

Dr. Ashok Kapoor Cardiologist 050 45058565 Getwell medical Center, Dubai.

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