Dr Ashok Kapoor

Dr. Ashok Kumar Kapoor

M.B.B.S.,MD(Med), DM(Card.),FCCP.(USA),F.Card.(GERMANY).




Co-ordinator Dept. Of  Internal Medicine and Cardiology Neurospinal Hospital

Visiting Physician and  Cardiologist: International Modern Hospital, Iranian Hospital, Dubai




As an Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Specialist, I take this opportunity to put forward my credentials.

Internal medicine and its sub-speciality of cardiology have been my keen professional interest, which has been proved time and again by the professional achievements. Scholarly aptitude, keen research orientation and academic interest made me do teaching programs for the undergraduate and postgraduate students.

I have been in the field of Internal medicine and Cardiology for last about 25 years or so.

In the last 17 years in Dubai, I have had the privilege of giving medical fitness to pilots being employed by various airlines, especially when there is a doubt about their cardiovascular fitness.
I have been specially well versed in the medicals for fitness purpose done as a pre-employment requirement for special categories like marine, offshore, Barge , shipping and oil companies personnel.
I am a certified doctor for various offshore and marine companies. Our center is Specially involved in the Diving Medicals, pre-employment medicals for the offshore , gas and oilfield workers for companies like J.RAY MCDERMOTT, CGG VERITAS , NOBLE CORPORATION ,PETROFAC etc.

We do cardiovascular assessment for the pilots , who are referred specially for the cardiovascular assessment.

My postgraduate training in cardiology which included in-depth involvement in all types of Invasive and non-invasive Cardiac procedures. I have had the experience of having term attachments in the cardiology department of Shri Chitra Institute of higher Medical Sciences, Trivendram I had the opportunity to do invasive cardiology training during my DM at CMC, Vellore. I was trained for Nuclear Cardiology at A.I.I.M.S. , New Delhi and for Fetal Echocardiography and TEE, I undertook a short term attachment with Mediscan system, Madras and NUH, Singapore. Mayo Clinic, Rochester,USA. On the top of this I had a Fellowship at Berlin Heart Centre, Germany, when I was exposed to Invasive Cardiology with the procedures like Coronary Angiography, Angioplasty, Pacemaker Implantation and Endomyocardial biopsy. I was also involved with the heart transplant program and other aspects of Cardiac surgery. I learned doing TEE at this centre in 1989.

Academic pursuance made me regularly attend National and International conferences like CSI 1984, 85 88, 90,96, 99, 2000,2001.2002.2004.2006,2007. International cardiology conference , New Delhi, 1984. 1987.1989(New York), 1995 ( (London)2004(Washington DC. International cardiology conferences in Berlin, Paris, Singapore, Egypt and Saudi Heart conference in 1990, 93, 94,95, TCT, Washington DC. Regular involvement in symposia and lecturing on various cardiology topics is my hobby.


For the past ten years I have been a part of many CME activities/programs and been a guest speaker for many programmes conducted at Dubai, AbuDhabi, Ajman and RAK. I have been delivering lectures to the pharmacists and physicians in collaboration with various local pharmaceutical companies on ongoing basis as well.

I have been actively involved in various teaching programs. I was in the teaching faculty at GSVM Medical Colloge, Kanpur. I was involved in research schemes like Echo evaluation of Transvalvuar gradient in obstructive Mitral and Pulmonary with and without Balloon Dilatation- A correlative study with cardiac catheterisation. Some other research works are: Threauptic double blind study of Gallopamil(calcium channel blocker) in patients with Chronic stable Angina, Atorvastatin drug trial, Losartan drug trial, Carvedilol drug trial, fosinopril drug trial , Valsartan drug trial etc.

I have been involved in various workshops of ECG, Echocardiography , Carotid Doppler , Venous Doppler , Renal Doppler studies etc.

Presently, I am the Co-ordinator of the Advanced Cardiac program at GETWELL MEDICAL CENTRE and Co-ordinator of Cardiology at Neurospinal Hospital and Iranian Hospital. I was responsible for establishing Welcare Hospital as a tertiary cardiac care centre in this region.

At our centre , the most advanced, state of the art technology equipments are available , which include 12-channel ECG, Cardiac stress test system , 24-hours ambulatory heart monitoring system. The state of art ECHO-COLOR-DOPPLER machine is one of the best available in this part of the world and I am doing Echocardiography for the heart, for fetal heart. The Transtelephonic Cardiac monitoring was launched by me for the first time in this part of the Gulf. The latest cardiac procedures like stress Echocardiography, Dobutamine Echo, TEE have been a part of my regular cardiology practice.

As a matter of fact, I am specialised in peripheral vascular Doppler work and I am the one responsible for undertaking all type of arterial Doppler’s-Carotid, Lower and upper limb arterial , abdominal Aorta and Renal arterial Doppler studies. I do a lot of venous Doppler studies and have been assisting the vascular surgeons in laser venous therapy. Echo-Vascular studies for the limb vessels are also done which is very important in the diagnosis of DEEP VEIN THROMBOSIS, arterial blockage diseases in diabetics, Hypertensives and smokers. I am also running a speciality clinic for diabetes , hypertension and Hyperlipidemia patients for their vascular pathologies. Pacemaker evaluation, coronary angioplasty , coronary artery bypass surgery patients follow up is done in my clinic.

I have the honour of being attached as a visiting consultant to the Apollo Hospitals, India.
I speak fluent ARABIC for the convenience of the local patients. Of course, I do speak fluent Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi and English as well. Beyond all questions, I can assure the community that once the need arises for speciality opinion to an individual I shall leave no stones unturned to prove my worth.

I am personally involved in doing UKOOA medical , which has very high standards as per UK and USA standards. We have state of the art ECG Equipment, AUDIOMETRY and Spirometry Equipment besides other state of the art-High Tech medical and Cardiology equipments including Xray, Ultrasound machines etc. We have a JCI accredited state of the art Pathology lab equipped to do all lab investigations.

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