Dr Zainab Dhorat

Dr Zainab Dhorat

Dr Zainab Dhorat is currently a Foundation Doctor within the NHS. Prior to her foundation training, she completed a BSc (Hons) in a Clinical Sciences at the University of Bradford and then went on to study Medicine at the University of Manchester.
She has a strong interest in Acute Specialties and is considering a career down this route. She has completed many audits and quality improvement projects to help drive change and improve clinical care in the workplace. She has also published her own original research and presented at National Conferences.
Dr Dhorat has a strong interest in medical education. At her employing hospital, she has developed a peer lead teaching programme to utilise contemporary learning methods as a way to modernise teaching practices. Prior to working as a doctor, Dr Dhorat worked in conjunction with many Royal Colleges to help deliver courses that were endorsed by them.
Outside the workplace, Dr Dhorat works quite closely with the University of Manchester with their outreach programmes to help get under-represented backgrounds into Higher Education.

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