Dr Matthew Jones

Qualifications and Awards

MRCP (Neurology) May 2010
MRCP (UK) Aug 2004
MD University of Manchester Nov 2010
MBChB University of Manchester June 2001
Dreschfield Memorial Scholarship University of Manchester Sep 1996
Astra Zeneca Clinical Research Prize Manchester Medical Society Apr 2010

Professional Positions

Consultant Neurologist Salford Royal Foundation Trust (Sep 11- Present)
Consultant Clinical Teaching Fellow (Oct 11- present)
My current job entails two general neurology clinics per week and a session of acute ward referrals in a district hospital. I perform a weekly cognitive neurology clinic in the Cerebral Function Unit. I participate in the acute neurology on call rota and do two ward rounds in SRFT per week. I undertake a day of undergraduate teaching as a clinical teaching fellow and have two sessions for research.
North West Deanery Neurology SpR rotation (Apr 09- Sep 11)
Salford Royal Foundation Trust
University of Manchester clinical research fellow
Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre (Jan07- Mar 09)
North West Deanery Neurology SpR rotation
Royal Preston Hospital (Jan 05-Jan 07)
North Manchester General Hospital (Locum SpR)
Infectious Diseases (Aug 04-Dec 04)
Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (Royal Preston Hospital)
Medical SHO Rotation (Aug 02– Aug 04)
Royal Preston Hospital House Officer Surgery (Feb 02 – Aug 02)
Hope Hospital, Salford House Officer Medicine (Aug 01 – Feb 02)

Research and Teaching
My main research interest is the diagnosis and classification of neurodegenerative dementias. I also collaborate on neuroimaging studies of dementia, which was the subject of my MD thesis. I co-supervise a PhD student studying the progressive aphasias. I am Principal investigator for a number of studies involving neurodegenerative and infectious diseases at Salford Royal Hospital.

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• Rylands AJ, Hinz R, Jones M, Holmes SE, Feldmann M, Brown G, McMahon AW, Talbot PS. Pre- and postsynaptic serotonergic differences in males with extreme levels of impulsive aggression without callous unemotional traits: a PET study using 11C-DASB and 11C-MDL100907. Biological Psychiatry 2012 (Epub ahead of print)
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• M Jones, R Mohanraj, S Shaunak. Eosinophilic Meningitis due to Angiostrongylus cantonensis: First Reported Case in the UK. ACNR 2007; Jan/Feb issue 6

Teaching: Undergraduate
I spend one day per week teaching 4th year medical students at SRFT. I have delivered expert patient teaching sessions, seminars, teaching clinics and facilitated PBL sessions.
I have been involved in updating the University of Manchester Mind and Movement module for medical undergraduates. The aim is to improve the emphasis placed on underlying science and its application to clinical scenarios. I have recorded online lectures and provided other web based material for medical students at the university.
I have written a number of 4th year medical student OSCE stations.
I have authored an ‘iBook of neurological signs’ to complement the medical student curriculum and that is freely available for iPad users.
I have lectured on the University of Manchester Speech and Language undergraduate course, providing a module on clinical neurology (4 two hour lectures) and have written a set of essay assignment questions for the course.

Teaching: Postgraduate
I have set up an MRCP part 1 revision course with a colleague. This course has been running successfully 3 times per year for 6 years.
I take SHO groups for PACES teaching sessions in SRFT and have been a tutor on RCP teaching days in the region.
I am course director for PACES courses in Manchester and London.
I have recorded a number of online lectures, practical demonstrations and ‘podcasts’ for an MRCP revision company.
I have provided teaching to the MSc Neuroimaging students at the University of Manchester.

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