Dr. Maria Csillag has finished Semmelweis University in Budapest, Faculty of Dentistry in 1998. From then on she has been working as a tutor, researcher, now mandatory lecturer at the Department of Conservative Dentistry, Semmelweis University, Hungary. She has prosecuted PhD study. Between 2000 and February 2009, she was a general and cosmetic dentist and the medical director of a private clinic.

Her main area of interest and work is conservative dentistry, esthetic dentistry and smile design. She has attended and held presentations at several conferences abroad and in Hungary as well.

In 2008 she has founded SMYLIST Humancreative Training Services Ltd. with her husband to promote the possibilities of custom smile design and assist dentists and dental technicians in designing and creating a smile that is in perfect accordance with the ideas of the patient. Using the unique Smylist Professional smile design software introduced with great success on the IDS International Dental Show introduced (Cologne, Germany, 2009) and being marketed worldwide the dentist can choose together with the patient the tooth character and smile type that harmonize with the patient’s face as a whole and suit the principles of harmony. SMYLIST Ltd. also organizes accredited smile design courses for dentists and dental technicians in Hungary.

She has developed her new smile design concept called smile typology. The Smile Typology creates a common language for the patient, the dentist and the dental technician about tooth character, tooth shape and generally about smile design.

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