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Date Events Name Credits
08/01/2022 Current Advances in the Management of Obesity and Diabetes 1 CPD
15/01/2022 Changes in NHS & GP Landscape in 2022 – Integrated Care Systems 1 CPD
DateEvents NameCredits
09/01/2021Oropharyngeal cancer update1 CPD
16/01/2021LBGT Talk for Adult1 CPD
20/01/2021GP Appraisal & Revalidation – An Update1 CPD
23/01/2021Endocrinology-A discussion of clinical cases (Part II)1 CPD
30/01/2021Heart – Kidney – Diabetes : Primary-care Perspective3 CPDs
06/02/2021Treatment of Chronic Migraine (Botox)1 CPD
13/02/2021Cows Milk Allergy in Primary Care1 CPD
20/02/2021Managing NVAF Remotely in the Setting of COVID19 Opportunities & Challenges1 CPD
27/02/2021Plastic surgery for General practice and Referral updates for GPs1 CPD
06/03/2021Dermatalogy2 CPDs
13/03/2021Termination of pregnancy service and referral pathway updates1 CPD
20/03/2021Endocrinology Case Discussion Part 31 CPD
27/03/2021Identification and Treatment of Severe endometriosis1 CPD
10/04/2021ENT Cs Rhinologist1 CPD
17/04/2021“Common biochemistry cases Interpreting test results”1 CPD
24/04/2021Anaphylaxis1 CPD
08/05/2021Dermatology – Pharmacist Update1 CPD
15/05/2021GP Update3 CPDs
22/05/2021Nice Guideline Update 2021 – Stroke Prevention in non-valvular AF1 CPD
29/05/2021An Introduction to Football Medicine1 CPD
05/06/2021Paediatric Emergencies … or are they ?1 CPD
12/06/2021Paediatric asthma and wheeze – what’s new?1 CPD
19/06/2021Financial Wellbeing for NHS Professionals1 CPD
26/06/2021Women’s Health1 CPD
03/07/2021Vulval Problems1 CPD
04/07/2021Communication Skills for IMGs3 CPDs
10/07/2021CQC1 CPD
17/07/2021Endometriosis1 CPD
24/07/2021Gender identity issues & How to manage in primary care?1 CPD
31/07/2021Breast Cancer Management Pathways during the COVID-19 pandemic1 CPD
07/08/2021Management of Chronic Kidney Disease – Current identification and treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease – Novel Agents and Opportunities in PrimaryCare1 CPD
14/08/2021Biopsychosocial-oriented chronic pain management1 CPD
21/08/2021From socioeconomically disadvantage to obesity Healthy eating strategies1 CPD
04/09/2021Women’s Health – Heavy Period Problems1 CPD
11/09/2021Endometriosis: NICE Quality Standards and Guidelines1 CPD
18/09/2021Bringing protection to life in CKD, novel options & opportunities in p care1 CPD
25/09/2021Anticoagulation, the geriatric Giants1 CPD
02/10/2021The Dietary Management of Newly Diagnosed Infants with CMA1 CPD
09/10/2021Money , Money, Money – How funding flows in Primary Care?1 CPD
16/10/2021ABMA GP Update3 CPDs
23/10/2021A new era in the management of cardio-renal risk1 CPD
31/10/2021GORD and managing the problem1 CPD
06/11/2021Patient access in primary care1 CPD
13/11/2021Cardiology1 CPD
20/11/2021Paediatric asthma and wheeze – what’s new?1 CPD
27/11/2021Cqc- Gp perspective from special measures to outstanding1 CPD
04/12/2021Cow’s milk allergy and childhood asthma1 CPD
11/12/2021Palliative Care1 CPD
18/12/2021Cancer Update Course2 CPDs
DateEvent NameCredit(s)
30/03/2020Enabling Safe Certification of Deaths in the Community1 CPD
03/04/2020Muslim Burial following death due to COVID-190 CPD
04/04/2020COVID 19 – Framework for Remote Consultation1 CPD
08/04/2020Pregnancy & Covid 19 Webinar1 CPD
16/04/2020COVID-19 Remote assessment of sore throat and respiratory symptoms
18/04/2020Diabetes in Ramadan with context of Covid 19
26/04/2020Covid 19 – Eye Symptoms1 CPD
02/05/2020Covid 19 – Anosmia & Allergic Rhinitis Symptoms, an ENT Perspective
09/05/2020Passport to CKD1 CPD
19/05/2020Covid 19: BAME Risk Scoring1 CPD
13/06/2020Finance for GPs & Vitamin D Update
20/06/2020Beyond Glycaemic Control
23/06/2020Managing Death in the Community
27/06/2020Understanding & Managing Heart Failure in Primarycare
04/07/2020COVID-19 Update1 CPD
11/07/2020Dermatology Update & Skin Manifestation
19/07/2020Prescribing scenarios in T2DM: a case based look at diabetic drugs
25/07/2020Cardio-Renal axis in Type 2 Diabetic Patient
30/07/2020Menopause Cafe: HRT Menu
01/08/2020Contraception for women aged over 40 years
08/08/2020Finance Talk
13/08/2020Men’s health- Prostate cancer
15/08/2020A Paradigm Shift for Diabetic Kidney Disease in T2DM
16/08/2020Post General Practice (Post-GP) career in Rehabilitation Medicine1 CPD
22/08/2020Covid related Dermatology & a quick guide to the Red face
24/08/2020ECG Interactive Course
29/08/2020Gp Conference – Half day
05/09/2020Women’s Health
12/09/2020GP Conference
15/09/2020Inflammatory Bowel Disease
19/09/2020Antibiotics: superhero or supervillains?
24/09/2020Mental health impact of COVID
26/09/2020Are you FIT for testing?
03/10/2020Optimising the Ocular Surface in Primary Care and Beyond
10/10/2020Diagnosis and management of Asthma in Children
17/10/2020Parkrun: Inspirational stories of everday heroes
19/10/2020ECG Part 2
24/10/2020Clinical Paediatric Allergy Diagnosis, Risk Assessment & Management in the Covid-19 Era
27/10/2020ECG Part 3
31/10/2020Non Alcoholic steatohepatitis and the metabolic syndrome
07/11/2020Gender Identity: How to help your patients in General Practice?
13/11/2020PMS, Peri-Menopause Menopause-Hormonal Cycles and Natural Treatment
14/11/2020Cancer Update
21/11/2020Stroke Prevention in Patients with Non- Valvular Atrial Fibrillation & Co-Existing Chronic Kidney Disease
28/11/2020Venous Thromboembolism in General Practice
12/12/2020Endocrinology-A discussion of clinical cases
19/12/2020Update on Type 2 Diabetes management: Where do the newer therapies fit in?

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