Communication Skills for International Medical Graduates[IMGs]

16 October 2022 @ 10 AM to 2 PM

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About the course

An interactive Live online course designed to build your communication abilities

Communication Skills Course

Communication Skills Sessions

Key points


A well thought out introduction will start the encounter off successfully. Always remember people are likely to make a snap judgement about us in the first few seconds.

Addressing the patient

Addressing the patient by their preferred name and using this in the consultation will help build rapport. Our name is the most personal thing about us, so it is important to get it right.

Can I switch on the ‘OFF’ method?

Occurring - what is happening? Feelings - what feeling are involved here? Follow up plan - what are the next steps?

Building rapport

Building rapport - try a signpost or a summary. This will make the patient feel heard but also buy you some thinking time.

You mentioned x, can we discuss that a bit further?

‘I’ve heard you mention a, b, & c and that this has made you feel quite upset, does that sound right to you?’

Think about exploring the patient’s

Ideas Concerns Expectations especially in a difficult encounter.


Dr Maiedha Raza
Dr. Maiedha Raza
Consultation Skills Tutor (Manchester Medical School)

I am a working GP in the NHS & I am passionate about providing patients with excellent care. In order to do this we must be able to communicate effectively with them.

Designing this course has been pivotal in teaching and promoting shared patient care to clinicians all over the UK and beyond. Using my experience teaching medical students, masters students and other healthcare professionals, along with working as a GP, I felt there was a need to nurture my colleagues.

Through the unprecedented demand, this course was born! Using the experiences of an expert patient, combined with my years of working in the NHS, we have designed a course that encompasses improving the whole patient journey using an easy to understand, evidence-based approach.

Expert Patient
Solyman Hassouna

At the age of 25, I needed medical attention which involved multiple interactions with medical staff. In that time, I have seen numerous healthcare professionals; some who have had excellent communication skills and others who have had scope for improvement. Through this, I have learnt what constitutes truly empathic, patient centred communication.

This is an area that I am passionate about and with the wealth of experience I have accumulated, I can put this to good use. I have a first-class law degree from the UK and whilst obtaining this the focus was on communication and how this can reduce potential complaints and lawsuits. The same expression, I am certain, is transferrable to the medical profession. These skills and tools that underpin effective clinical communication benefit the clinician as much as it does the patient. Helping design this course has been important to me to be able to share these experiences with the wider medical team.


09:45 am -10:00 amWelcome & Introdution
10:00 am - 11:15 amIntroductions and scene setting for the day
Exploring examples of good/bad service & analysis
Taking on board real-life patient encounters
11:15 am - 11:30 amBreak
11:30 am - 12:45 pmSkills that build rapport, empathy & active listening
Exploring frameworks for communication
Important of introductions and the art of questioning
12:45 pm - 01:00 pmBreak
01:00 pm - 02:00 pmExploring difficult encounters with patients
Practice with a simulated patient
Questions and close

An interactive online course designed to build your communication abilities

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Communication Skills Sessions
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  • This course is designed to help you build and maintain relationships with patients. The interactive, online dedicated element, will help you with promoting empathy in consultations, manage difficult encounters and show active listening to the patient.

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