The Best PLAB Part 1 Cover Ever by ABMA

I am sure that you already know about the PLAB test. It is a quick definition,”The Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board test, or the PLAB test, helps GMC to make sure doctors who qualified abroad have the right knowledge and skills to practise medicine in the UK.”

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We(ABM Academy) have coached hundred’s of doctors to clear on the PLAB Part 1 test for the last couple of years. We’ve been offering PLAB Part 1 – Face to Face and Live Webinars for last few years. Recently, we launched our complete PLAB Part 1 online Preparatory Course with the same secrets that helped many of our students ace this test. Course contains over 50+ Comprehensive Videos, 1500+ High yield Revision MCQs, 5 Mock Tests and Notes. This is the ideal option for students who need a more comprehensive review option. This course is not just an online course: it’s all the goodness of premium private tutoring at a fraction of the cost! Learning Made Awesome!

What’s included in your online package?

  • → Video Lecturing
  • → Revision MCQs
  • → Mock Tests
  • → Notes and Materials

Video Lecturing

Comprehensive 50+ video lecturing, covers entire PLAB P1 Curriculum based on GMC blueprint, Access to our video library contains 100+hrs video lectures with experienced NHS Tutors.

Video lectures cover the following topics:

  • → Cardiovascular
  • → Endocrinology
  • → Gastroenterology
  • → Pharmacology
  • → Renal Medicine
  • → Respiratory
  • → Child Health
  • → ENT
  • → Musculoskeletal
  • → Nephrology
  • → Reproductive System
  • → Ethics & Professionalism
  • → Digestive System
  • → Dermatology
  • → Infectious Disease
  • → Neurology
  • → Psychiatry
  • → Misc Topics

Revision MCQs

1500+ HIGH YIELD PLAB PART 1 MCQS: Subject-wise MCQs with Proper Explanation, Collected from the Previous Year Tests, Frequently updated MCQs Database, Statistics – Performance over time.

PLAB MCQ Screenshot
PLAB MCQ Screenshot
PLAB MCQ Screenshot

Mock Tests

5 Practice mock tests that are just like the real test. Our interactive Mock test to find out how self-confident you are.


Our interactive Mock test to find out how self-confident you are.


Subject wise online Notes

How does this course work?

The Best PLAB P1 Prep Course Ever is designed so you can go at your own pace. All of the content in the course, which consists of videos as well as revision MCQs and Mock Tests for the multiple choice sections, is available to you and you can choose your own areas to work on to improve your PLAB scores. No milestones to reach, achievements to unlock, and no sitting through the boring stuff you already know how to do. Get started today working on those trouble areas so you can ace this test and get one step closer to that elusive perfect score!

What’s included with the course?

You’ll get…

• 1500+ Latest PLAB MCQs with Explanation
• Comprehensive 50+ Video Lecturing
• 5 PLAB Part 1 Mock Tests
• Notes & Materials

Covers entire PLAB Syllabus – Highly Experienced PLAB Tutoring Team

Content and Tips? Go on…

The course includes tips on NHS setting, timing, avoiding careless errors, and other general tips specific to getting through and mastering each section. We know hacking this test isn’t just “being a good student” and learning what you’re supposed to learn. It’s optimizing your pacing, overcoming careless error traps, and learning how to exploit every advantage you can muster.

Is this course all I need to prep for the PLAB P1?

For most students, yes.

The course is meant to be comprehensive: we’ve waited to release it until it included advice on how to master everything that is critical for the exam. Our goal is to bring the awesomeness of private tutoring — the insider insights, the efficiency of customization, the clarity of teaching, and accuracy of practice with real tests– to all of you. If you subscribe and have a suggestion or question, don’t hesitate to reach out! We love feedback. We want to make this the best experience we can for you.

Do I need to buy any books?

We don’t suggest any books other than OHCS/OHCM

Is this a scheduled class? Do I have a private tutor online with this course?

No, this is not a scheduled class. You can access the videos whenever you want and do them in any order you see fit. The course provides access to a catalog of videos organized by section.

This is NOT an online “live” classroom, or one-on-one instruction over the internet with a live tutor. That means you can study any time of day and at your own pace.

Are the videos available offline?

Videos cannot be downloaded from this course, so offline functionality does not exist at this time.

Am I charged monthly? Do I have to cancel to prevent this from renewing?

Nope. When you buy PLAB Part 1 Online Course, you are signing up for a 3-month or 6-month subscription that you are charged for only once. The subscription does not auto-renew, so you don’t need to cancel or worry about a random extra charge after your subscription period is up. If you extend your subscription, you can always email us.

Why should I buy your course when other online courses exist?

We have one of the largest online MCQs/Videos bank of PLAB: Part 1 MCQs. We currently have over 1500+ high quality SBA MCQs (no EMQs like some other sites!), all with excellent feedback to help you learn as much relevant information in as short as time as possible.

Our lecturing videos are recorded by experienced practicing doctors and MCQs are written by practising doctors in the UK and are pitched at just the right standard for the PLAB: Part 1 exam. We have also included many questions sent in by last years candidates.

We are committed to offering you the best possible value for money and also your valuable time.

Pay £99 Only PLAB Part 2 if you subscribed our 3 or 6 Months PLAB P1 Online Course. Pay rest after passing Part 2.

What’s your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds to those who have paid for a subscription.

Can I share?

Your subscription includes access for one account, and there is a one device at a time limit. Subscribers are not to redistribute or share, online or otherwise, any materials, downloadable worksheets, or other elements provided as part of the prep course. Items you download may include both visible watermarks and/or invisible digital watermarks to identify the associated subscriber account from which materials were downloaded or duplicated, so that we may report anyone who infringes upon copyright to the authorities.**

** ABM Academy reserves the right to suspend access at any time to anyone we deem is abusive to ABM Academy LTD, our system, other people, or for any other violation of our terms and conditions. No refunds will be given to those found in violation.

The Most complete Online PLAB Part 1 Preparatory Course. 
Unlock everything you need for studying PLAB P1 success.

April 6, 2019

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