Dr. Zubair Ahmad

Dr. Zubair Ahmad

Professional membership
Member: BMA, RCGP, MPS, LMC, Primary Care LLP-Oldham, BIDA
Fellow Royal College of General Practitioner

Teaching experience

• GP Mentor and Supervisor: Nurse practitioner course (2005)
• Nuts and Bolt Course 2006
• Basic Trainer Course 2007
• Educational Supervisor: FY2 (since 2007)
• GP Trainer – Since 2007
• Educational Supervisor: GPST1, GPST2 and GPST3 since 2007)
• GP Assessor – Stage 3, GP training programme, North West Deanery (since 2007)
• Masterclass Teaching and Supervision – North West deanery (2008)
• Accredited GP trainer – North West deanery (July 2009)
• GP trainer – ST3 (since August 2009)
• Masterclass – Coaching – North West Deanery (2009)
• Certificate in Post graduate GP education (3years post graduate diploma from Manchester University, September 2009)
• Masterclass – Clinical Skill assessment-nMRCGP – North West Deanery (Nov 2010)
• Fellowship – Royal College of the General Practitioners – 2012

Special Professional interests

• Diabetes: I keenly pursued a special interest in the clinical field of Diabetes after being qualified as an independent General Practitioner in 2003. I subsequently successfully acquired a diploma in Diabetes from the prestigious Warwick University in the UK in 2005. Since then I have been running a dedicated weekly diabetes clinic in my surgery providing all aspects of Diabetes care including insulin initiation. I am currently a Clinical Director of Diabetes and Endocrinology at NHS Oldham Clinical Commissioning Group.
• Teaching and Training: I have an intrinsic interest in teaching and training. Effective teaching that results in trainee’s learning has been and remains my highest priority. Being a GP trainer has been a high priority in my career. This is a role I strongly am committed to and will continue to pursue. This has allowed me to develop effective teaching methods and objective assessment which are then tailored to the individual trainee’s need. This aspect of my career started in 2005 when I was involved in supervising the nurse practitioner course from the Bolton University. Following this I successfully completed the Basic Trainers Course. I have been a supervisor for FY2 doctors and GPST1/2 trainees for six years and an accredited GP trainer for about four years. I also successfully obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in GP Education from Manchester University in 2010.. In addition to imparting knowledge, I feel my main role is to facilitate learning and stimulate both reflective thinking as well as critical thinking. I have been actively involved in the North Western GP recruitment programme as a GP assessor for the last 4 years. I have also been a GP Training Lead at the OOH Services – GTD Urgent Care for the last three years. My main role there is to help with all aspect of OOH requirements GPST training and facilitate training in the effective delivery of RCGP curriculum.
• Clinical Governance: I am passionate about ensuring everything that helps to maintain and improve high standards of patient care. I have been heavily involved in supporting the Governance Structure not only at my own practice where I am a Clinical Governance lead but also the other NHS organisations such as Oldham PCT (not NHS Oldham CCG), GoToDoc Urgent Care, NHS Manchester, etc. I have developed the skills to lead the development and implementation of a system of Clinical Governance as part of an integrated organisational governance framework and to promote a patient-centred, learning culture across all services provided by an organisation. I have experience of working as a clinical lead for management and resolution of complaints and incidents and then provide recommendations to the Executives and Board for improvement actions arising from reviews of complaints/incidents. I am also able to ensure investigation techniques are timely, rigorous in identifying root causes and learning-centred and authorise responses and resolution arrangements.
Other relevant information

GP member: Primary Care LLP-Oldham and Clinical Triager ( Since 2008)
Locality representative LMC – Oldham west (since April 2009)
GP Advisor – GoToDoc Urgent Care (Since Jan 2010)
GP Appraiser – NHS – Oldham (Since April 2010)
Clinical Director – Endocrinology – Clinical Commissioning Group – NHS Oldham (2012)
GPST Training Lead – GoToDoc Urgent Care- Oldham, Tameside and Central Manchester.

TV and Media
For the past 12 months, I have been regularly appearing in a LIVE TV health programme every month at UMMAH Channel of the UK (Sky Channel 828). The programme is called ‘Hamari Sehat’ (Our Health) and is mainly catered for the Asian audiences of the UK and Europe.

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